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Sue Donnelly

If you really want to follow this up London Metropolitan Archives should be able to help - they took over the records of the GLC and I presume have a lot of experience with dealing with the intellectual property in LCC and GLC materials. If it was Crown Copyright it should be should be clear after 50 years if it was published.

They probably have the GLC architects and planning department papers. When I first started work in London they had a team dedicated to sorting out the GLC archives. See http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/things-to-do/visiting-the-city/archives-and-city-history/london-metropolitan-archives/Pages/default.aspx


i looked at london metropolitan archives when doing the blog post. the hook study isn't mentioned although it was a notable publication, and it isn't clear if the copyright they do have is IP or just over the actual documents in their possession.

i like to know whose rights i am transgressing! might be fun to go to LMA anyway.

Sue Donnelly

They may well have more than is on the catalogue – depends on the backlog so worth dropping them an enquiry. Even if they don’t have the copyright they may well know who does have it (kind of goes with the territory!) LMA would probably be fun – they have some great maps and plans.

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