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looks like fun. like your thoughts about technological vs. musical revolutions.. as we've discussed in the past.. this seems like the beginning of an endless loop of regurgitated electronic music culture, from a window of the mid-late 80's until now, where technology reigns supreme, and we will constantly face re-iterations of what came before..

it's acid house, early techno, hardcore, junglism all over again, and the progression from that is simply back to where we are now, and then back again.

nothing new really, and of course in the frame of the artistic process this is completely expected, but it's the eye of the public that seems different, and more willing to both accept and forget at the same time.

one would typically think 'oh it's just the new kids liking the old stuff', which is of course seemingly universal, but your point holds, and the technology holds.. everything is accessible and archived and available for re-use, no need for fractional or rose-coloured resurrection of past cultural cache.. just google it.


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