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i'd blutac them to my wall if i had some :)

today my wife & i started to plan a trek to the uk, scotland, ireland, starting at gb13, looking forward to seeing u again :)

steve collins

i might have set 2 to give to you by then


It is a Dutch wordplay. The back literally says 'don't let the church become past perfect.' 'reformed' is a word that refers to lots of churches in Holland. It is also a word in the past form. We don't want the church to become the past, hence the changing capacities of Barbapapa combined with church.


...and hence the invitation to join us reforming...


Mooie kaarten die je niet zomaar op de schoorsteen zet. Daar moet je even over nadenken, maar dan neem je de humor ook en de intense boodschap ook wel lekker in je op!

Charissa Bakema

Hey Steve, You've inspired us, hope we'll inspire you! Lets continue to use our creativity to colour the Church, sometimes as workingmen, sometimes as underground Grafitty artists, whatever is needed! Thanks for supporting us! Charissa


excellent! how can I get an English set Steve?

steve collins

right now the only way is to give me your address and i post them. that's the trouble with physical commodities. i wonder if there's a print-and-deliver-on-demand online way?

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