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Becky Garrison

I'm really sorry to hear about that. I'd be pretty hurt as well.


Ah but you have photos of the installation that will last forever. If only there was a time-lapse of the children destroying it. That would be kind of awesome.


ironically we had been joking about rigging up richard baker's new webcam to watch the installation. that would have given us not only a record of its destruction but the ability to put the miscreants' faces on the big greenbelt screen.

tim westcott

a pity the site was trashed, i am sorry to hear it.

however, i can't help think the children truly added to your installation.. rampant over-consumption, complete disregard of what is consumed, what is felt.. no concept of garbage-in garbage-out, these things are all very distinct waypoints in western culture of instant gratification/little or no ramifications..

the little children running rampant over your heartfelt communique.. grabbing, mixing, taking on whimsy, discarding, destroying, mashups, RIOT. it's a heady mix, and i think a distinct message.

just my thoughts. i do feel hope when i see a ripe avocado though.. =D

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