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Fascinating bit of literature! Thanks for showing this...

It's actually incredibly surprising how close the book is to reality, as opposed to so many other attempts to represent the future (1984, 2001, Back to the Future :) ) - and the only thing that prevent some the things represented in the book are more about people's habits, patterns and willingness, rather than any technological barriers...

Also interesting to see the take on environmentalism. Very superficial and more about the visible, tangible. So air pollution and overcrowding it gets - carbon footprints and unnecessary use of resources (grinding up cutlery after each meal???) it doesn't.


at the time pollution and overpopulation were the big environmental concerns - the carbon stuff hadn't been thought about yet and the oil crises hadn't happened to remind people of finite resources. the same concerns and oversights are found in serious books of the period too.


best bit.. 'dial'

analog and analogous.

like all pre digital-display scifi.

if only they could see e-ink or OLED.


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