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For you to praise a sermon,it must have kicked theological ass. Wow.


Steve, thanks for posting this...it was a fantastic service and as you say the sermon was well placed and thought provoking. Certainly a New Forms highlight this year.


Did you by any chance record the sermon?

steve collins

sadly no. wished i had. the only answer is to record entire services and edit, because it's hard to guess beforehand which bits are going to be good.


thanks Steve, this was certainly one of the highlights of my greenbelt this year - I am the blonde just in front of your camera in the first few vids. I thought the sermon was great too!


Thanks so much for this Steve! I can't tell you how much fun this was for us.

I'm happy to send you the text from the sermon if you'd like.


steve collins

nadia has posted the sermon text here


Hey Steve.
I'm the Methodist HFASS-er from the B&B. Thanks for posting the video, I had no Idea it was on the net. IM glad you liked what we did. Your thoughts on the nature and experience being transcendent was well said. Im glad that is one of the things people could take away from our service. Good luck and many prayers for your ministry.



Does anyone know the words that they used during the absolution, I found them very moving but cannot remember what thy were. Thanks


Hi Steve,

I'm the main cantor in the videos above, I was wondering how I get permission to see them. Thanks for the writeup, by the way, we had as much fun singing for you as you did worshipping with us!


Gill Taylor

how do you get permission to watch the videos? I was at Green belt last year and also at this particular event - so would like to see the clips - thanks

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