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Stephen Tyler

Congrats and Happy Birthday. I'll supply a pint @ GB next week!


good on ya, and blessings.

50 is hard to believe, would never have guessed it unless you had mentioned it.. something to be said for excessive amounts of loud electronic music :D

cheers, i'll uh, buy you a pint next time i'm in ealing, you can hold me to it.

(could be a bit of a wait..)


Happy Birthday Steve!


Happy birthday man

steve collins

thx to all


happy birthday... will be at greenbelt, can i buy you a beer?

steve collins

i guess so ;)


Steve - next year I will be more flush and will treat you to a beer. The older I get, the younger I feel (and some would say act). I think that's a good thing - my idol in this regard is Mike Yaconelli.

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