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Jordon Cooper

I never thought I would like my iPod as much as I did and I am not a huge music person. We have three in our house now (Touch, Nano, and a Shuffle) which would have seemed absurd a couple of years ago. I hope you enjoy it.


I had no idea you had been holding out. I can't believe I gave in to a piece of Apple technology a full 18 months sooner than you. Some of the best money I've spent, though. Especially now that I train it into work every day.

steve collins

i didn't really need it until now. at work i had a CD player [until it was stolen] and then i used my phone. I don't listen while commuting. but i got frustrated at the limited capacity of my phone, and i'm over CDs gathering dust on shelves. and Grace sound is now just ipods dropped into the IDJ mixer.

although i appreciate technologies and gadgets i seldom feel the need to possess them until they are of real use to me.

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