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great pics steve - love the empty metro!


so glad you hit up the metro there.. i think i mentioned it once when we emailed about eastern european arch.. did you go to the end of the lines?? some crazy stuff abounds.. trees encased in framework and glass.. very dr who.

prague is amazing, innit?? we couldn't absorb it at all, even after two months of living there w/ andrew and family. just too much, and yeah, totally spread out.

have you seen the film 'cesky sen'??

cheers! when are you going to visit us in portland??

steve collins

no i didn't go to the end of the line, my ticket wasn't valid that far. the ticket system is a little hard to understand, one pays for a time rather than a distance, within a certain zone. since the trains are only every ten minutes it's easy to run out of time, especially if you get off at every stop to take pictures!

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