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fish, chips, all glorious.

mushy peas? my only experience has been a can of 'bachies' or something like that (bachelors?) found at a local brit shop. they were practically radioactive with green food colouring!! aieee... :)

good fish'n'chips are hard to find here (oregon) , and they are often expensive, for some unexplained reason.

steve collins

yes, bachelors - that's the canned version. even the wikipedia entry says you need colouring [or the peas look grey] - maybe bachelors have more colouring than most. i'm intrigued that you were actually trying them - some sort of social event?


ah, that's why mushy peas was my heaven in ordinary moment on the Gb opener this year - truly, there can be no fish and chips without it - it's like Mo being omitted from the stooges


culinary curiosity, for the most part. :) i think perhaps we were watching some english film that night as well.. we often have theme nights.

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