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very nice. been thinking about the one i want to get and how i should get it before i do the live show i'm working on (whenever that will be).

steve collins

that means it will be visible during the live show [so the tattoo could be anywhere depending on what kind of live show it is ;)]. so the kind of tattoo is part of how you wish to present yourself [arachnids or flowers]?

nic paton

Hail to the Dark Arts of Kentish Town!

I am intruiged and will wait patiently under this thorn tree for the full significance of this to be made known.


@Steve: forearm. Right arm is the only place I've ever considered getting inked. As for "before the show," only because the tattoo and the show are both concerning love.

As for arachnids or flowers: the latter, certainly...albeit singular. The former is a very intriguing idea, though. Will be considering both now.

steve collins

given your love life the arachnid should be inside the flower ;)

Daniel Miller

HA! True!

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