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I hadn't even experienced my first year on the planet by then. Probably about 5 months old and eating mashed bananas.


time was filled with playing the new star wars on atari 5200, listening to the jam, joe jackson, xtc and the psychedelic furs through those gross headphones on my walkman (the ones where the sponge liner used to leave black marks and stick to your neck !)- in my bag was black eyeliner and extra saftey pins - in my desk was NME, crappy bic biros and a stash of wagon wheels for comfort in times of boredom........

steve collins

and music was on vinyl or cassette - not CD yet. although there were those 12" laserdiscs. drawings were done on paper with pens and crayons. the guy who got permission to do his degree project on the engineers' state-of-the-art CAD station was failed because the drawings were just naked wireframes on printout paper. admirable attempt, a decade too soon.

life was mostly pre-digital, or at least nowhere near post-analogue.


pre digital seemed heavier - now it is great to travel light, with small thin rounded edge stuff - none of that clonky grey weighty plastic

nic paton

For me it was a Sony Walkman, a TEAC Portastudio, a Gibson SG Les Paul 1961, Francis Shaeffer, Spyro Gyra, Frank Zappa, and Vangelis, all bathed in a desparately charismatic haze, and under an angry African sky.

Now its an iPod, Ableton Live, Matthew Fox, Nils Petter Molvaer, Hildegaard of Bingen, a hand crafted Irish bouzouki, and maybe Royksopp. The charismatic has a space, and the sky isn't quite as angry.

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