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know nothing of vietnam, but garment factories in cambodia are not *that* bad. there are unions, albeit relatively weak ones. wages are modest, but the unions are working on it. in the context of a country with little or no job ops, a garment factory job is okay. it's not perfect, mind you, but nothing is.

steve collins

glad to hear it. where do you get your info? i'm always aware of the dilemma of buying people's stuff so they can make a living, versus colluding in their exploitation. especially as the difference can be between one factory and the next, and the 'good' factory can be hoodwinking the inspectors. what i'm reading suggests that the best is when the brand/retailer has a transparent and committed relationship with its manufacturing base.


The Oxfam 2006 sweat shop report doesn't paint such an optimistic picture. http://www.oxfam.org.au/campaigns/labour/06report/docs/5904oxflrrsummaryDR41.pdf

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