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Mike R


How come these things are almost always fat ugly middle-aged men?

steve collins

because they're the people who are least hung up about what their bodies look like naked? cf football/rugby supporters

or maybe what looks like 'fat and ugly' naked is actually the statistical norm for bodies...

Mike R

Male is not the statistical norm. That's only half the population. Walk through my local 'hood, and the statistical norm is black and lithe.


No, I just mean that when you see nudists or streakers, they always seem to be slightly desperate middle-aged men looking for a little frisson or titillation. I applaud their activism (in this case), but it's the same culprits as usual.

steve collins

according to the london health observatory's statistics currently 35% of london's population are overweight!

which is a good argument for cycling, however clad. you'd think a nude cycle ride would be a parade of lean fit bodies wouldn't you.

Existential Punk

This is HIGHLARIOUS!!!! Wish people would do something like this here in the good ol' U S of A!

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