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Mark Berry

Great Stuff... personally I don't think they made it, there is too much circumstantial evidence against, I guess until the camera is found then we'll never know. On a similar experiment. Tim Severin replicated St Brendan's voyage in the 70's for National Geographic(the book is called 'Brendan's voyage) and found that the materials used in the saga, though they had long been sited as a reason the story couldn't be true, were actually the best materials possible and way better than modern equivalents. One example is that the saga sas that Brendan used Oak Bark Tanned Leather for the boats skin. Severin got the guild of tanners to conduct experiments using different solutions to tan the hide and found that the ONLY one which would work was Oak Bark! Well' worth a read (for the spiritual challenge too!)


I expect that history books will continue to recognise Hillary ... because he survived.

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