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i agree with you !!

Adam L. Feldman

perhaps my favorite "my name is earl" dialogue (roadrunner dialogue)...
crabman: hey, randy, beep-beep.
randy: [chuckles] yeah, beep, beep.
crabman: beep, beep.
randy: beep, beep.

btw, here in the states "earl" comes on right before our knock-off version of uk's "the office." i must say, it never seems to translate near as humorous when we try to americanize british humor. its usually like hearing clay aiken sing when you were expecting bono...

steve collins

an english version of earl would be equally pointless. successful comedies create a culturally specific world, because it's the specificity that makes the characters live. and then there's the matter of casting - get it right and the actors just are the people they play. good for the viewers, bad for the actors' subsequent careers...

Adam L. Feldman

casting is everything as Mark Hamill can attest...

jason lee is a great earl. i really enjoyed his performance in "almost famous" as well.

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