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Existential Punk

So sorry. i hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family. How is your dad doing? And you and your mom? Adele


Aw you need to put your coffee down and head down to the waterfront which is one big hotspot - the watershed, arnolfini, even the bus shelters. You might catc a good film while you're there!

steve collins

i was pretty close by the waterfront and under other circumstances would have searched more - but i had to get the blog entry in, it was 6.30pm by then and i seemed to be running out of options. plus i wanted to catch a certain bus back to my parents - which i missed and had to wait two hours for the next one - had my dinner in a pub instead of at home!


Thanks for persevering and posting anyway, Steve. It was a great post but I'm sorry it was such a hassle to do. Welcome back to London!

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