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Stevo, thanks for a great night, we got embroiled in a very messy lock-in. As a point of caution, never go out with Tim Bayes. His Dad drinks ‘Special Brew’- just for the taste!

The track is ‘The Man I Love’ and the ‘gap’ in question (or is it a manifold Timmy?) was this odd space where Monk’s piano falls silent. No one really knows what happened. I’ll return to that in a second.

Not sure is you could describe ‘apophaticism’ as my ‘big thing’, I’m a ‘tinkerer’ and ‘dabbler’ when it comes to theology. However, I am fascinated by it as a process and how it collapses meaning. Anything that disorders meaning I find interesting, particularly if it exists within the Christian tradition. Same thing with Bakhtin, he could never quite divest himself of the burden of Faith. He’s so Vaux!

Presently, I’m occupied by the ‘production of space’ and ‘haunted geographies’, hence that ‘poncey’ jazz anecdote. I love the idea that the ‘Monk/Davis’ gap could be a site of occupation as well as a powerful metaphor. A (U)topia in its original sense, a ‘non-space’, or tactical point of resistance.

The Book is ‘The Darkness of God’ by Denys Turner and I knicked that from an amazing Greenbelt seminar given by Giles Fraser.

Right. Back into hiding.

steve collins

hiding until jonny baker finds your blog ;)

any shortcomings in my account are down to the collapse of meaning and language by saturday. i tried to write some stuff about the production of space and our stories that the jazz thing emerged from - but it made us look so pretentious in the cold light of day that i didn't dare publish! ;)

i'm glad i didn't stay for the whole lock-in, i can't sleep for coughing as it is. another time i'd have been up for it. but i'm glad i didn't cancel for being under the weather either. tim was definitely getting a bit intense, giving me the hard sell over his concrete ;) i hope you've showed him this as an example of blogging with comments.

Tim Bayes

My name is Timmy.

I like concrete.

And beer.

But not blogs.

Still, I found this one. Which is easier than finding Nic's. So Stox says.

steve collins

i still have almost no voice. language has collapsed. made it easy to avoid dealing with people at work and hard to plan the next grace service tonight. the silence between jonny baker and steve collins.

steve collins

ps hello timmy. was good to see you.

Mark Berry

Some good (if hard to grasp) stuff on onto-theology/Negative Theology/Apophatic Theology, Derrida and Dyonisius in "God, the gift and postmodernism" ed John Caputo and Michael Scanlon...


I have a small nob!


omg you must all move here and live in my co op loft building so these conversations can continue but with slightly more frequency and with me present!


...except for whatever part involved kester's nob...

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