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You know, so would I. There's an interesting lot of thinking to be had in relation to what our envisioning of the future tells us. I was interested a few days back to look over a 1961 set of predicions for the year 2000 .... very interesting.

steve collins

the small ads adjacent to that article are somehow still around in the 21st century too.

some of those predictions have come true, but not in quite the way expected:

'doors will open automatically' - it's a shopping mall
'up-to-the minute world news' - we've forgotten how exotic that once seemed.
' foodless foods (minus nutritional properties)' - there's plenty of that, hence
'Energy will come in tablet form' - vitamin supplements - or speed!
'At work, Dad will operate on a 24 hour week' - turned out to be a 24 hour day.
'travel at 1000 m.p.h. at a penny a mile' - no it's much cheaper and slower than that.
'people will live, healthily, to 85 or 100' - a reminder that 40 years ago 65 was old.

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