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Almost makes me wish I had an office job again! Nice.


amazing! i think my favorite is Level 24 atrium.

Christina McPhee

This does look beautiful! I am excited to 'meet' via blog a key participant in the Martha Schwartz garden....I have not yet seen it, but I hope to, as I am one of the artists commissioned by Barclays for their heritage photographic commission. My work is all around the atrium area on i think it's the 33rd floor.
Those giant leaves are amazing. thanks for posting the wonderful pictures. I was in the building in its hardhat stage last summer, twice, while doing the documentary work towards the commission. Some thumbnails of my work for Barclays are online at . Meanwhile, opening a show this Saturday at Transport in Los Angeles.

Ahmed Tawakol

It has been a pleasure working with you on the atria. You have done a great job. Although we never met (unless through J. Pegg) I really enjoyed working woth you. I was the guy from Martha Schwartz office who worked on the SD and DD of the atria...the project desigenr, Ahmed Tawakaol (if you remeber the name). The out come is amazing, the cloud cubes look great...in exact locations, the 24th floor banners looks also fascinating, I would like to thank the Archtikten staff (if I'm not mis-spelling their name) for the out come, I have been in several correspondance with Ben Farrel to get the print out. The leaves also came -finally- in a great shape. The whole job is STUNNING. Ihave soem photos of the early models...if you would like to include or use, it is amazing for some levels(especially, 12, 18, 24, and 30) how the models become reality...Please let me hear from you, it has been a pleasure -and exhausting also :) working with you, Thanks, Ahmed

John Pegg

Steve, great job - you own level 30. We've had nothing but great feed back on all aspects the design which would have not made it beyond photoshop without your tireless efforts, thanks again

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