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John Davies

In blogging about work, do you then intend to CRITIQUE the processes of which you write? I hope so, for I feel you are very right to be concerned about the human factors; and would want to take that further, looking at the real effects of these workplace changes on real people in real time; asking, is it not our role as Christians to identify the source which drives these trends, and oppose the drive towards "complete captivity" which it embodies?

Steve Collins

yes i'm going to critique it. except i'm too tired from work these last two days! see, you can't trust bloggers when they say "tomorrow"

Tom Allen

Some fascinating parrallels with re-ordering Churches for a missiona agenda. On a much smaller scale that your work I have just fought battles about seperate noticeboards, cupboards and rooms for Church organisations - instead we have flexible spaces, themed notice boards, and a worship space where everything is moveable. Have you seen Richard Giles material on re-ordering Churches? Have you offered your skills to local Dioceses?

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