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gifts illicit gifts... like a return on your investment? (just a little consumerism humor...)

Peter Schweitzer

I went back to church in 1987 (after a few years of absence) partly because I began to see that all of my relationships with other people were in some sense transactional and largely financial.

Several of the thoughts you've given voice to here are echoed in Rowan Williams's book Lost Icons--particularly his explanation of
charity as creating a space in which differences among people, particularly differences of wealth and class, are not denied, but are intentionally deprived of their power to separate us.

Steve Collins

that's funny, because i bought 'lost icons' at greenbelt but haven't read it yet!

Richard Passmore

Like the idea of gift. Was wondering if this could be one the startpoints re our discussuion on mission shaped church. But the view on church as a place could be an issue Are people already bringing a gift to you by turning up in a particular time and place?

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