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so a bad back that sucks, thanks for the email i miss talking with you. i am excited baout trying/starting some things with josiahs window and yeah it si great to have lilly to help. our first "event" is oct 5 so i will let you know how it goes. we thought about calling it the map room what do you think? just going to try different things and sse what happens, how often to you meet for grace? how many people involved pulling it together, do you take an offering? so many questions. i pray your back gets better. talk to you soon

Steve Collins

the map room sounds good, is that just for one event or will it always be called the map room? it would make a good title for something ongoing.

re grace:
we meet to plan once a week
the main service is once a month
the planning group is ten people

definitely no offering, we'd be too embarrassed.
and is money the right medium for offering? how did 'offering' get defined as money? it comes from a view of church as priestly, as something done on our behalf by professionals, and our part is to provide the materials/money for them to do so. which is what we're getting away from in alt worship.

none of which helps us finance what we do :)

i notice that it's equally embarrassing in secular events to let people in for free and then ask for donations. it's better to charge admission up front. but we couldn't do that for church, could we? should we? would anyone dare?

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